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Canape Experience menus

Our Canape Experience menus offer the best of both our Chinese and Vietnamese worlds with the flexibility for your guests to roam freely and socialise.  There are two menus on offer depending on the time of day and experience that suits your needs.

We offer a late afternoon 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hour event.  The late afternoon event has both the Canape Snack menu options as well as a Full Canape menu which provides a full meal.

If canape style suits your needs more than banquet sit-down dining then the Full Canape Experience is available during the evenings and for lunch.  This choice is suitable for those wanting longer 4 to 5 hour events Should you wish to have a cake at your event then our cake selection is also available to you to complement your other choices.

Pricing guidelines /per head 

Full Canape Menu - $75

Canape Snack Menu -  $35

An event room surcharge added to the final bill if you are doing a regular booking but not if you are doing a Late Afternoon Canape Experience. View full pricing and terms.

Canape menus

Canape Snack Menu available Late afternoons only

Full Canape Experience


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